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Court Rules in favour of Cliff UK against Cliff Electronic Components Inc. and Andrew Brunt

from Cliff Electronic Components Ltd. (UK.), 22nd December 2011. Download this notification as a PDF portable document format.


The court in Topeka, Kansas, USA has issued its order in the long-running dispute between Cliff UK and its ex-distributor, Cliff Electronic Components Inc. of Topeka, (Cliff USA now trading as CHK Electronics), and Andrew Brunt.


The court ruled that Cliff USA


It also ruled that Cliff UK is entitled to an injunction prohibiting Cliff USA and Andrew Brunt from engaging in further use of the Cliff trademark or name. The court denied the counterclaims of Cliff USA and Andrew Brunt and found the latter personally liable.


The ruling confirms that only Cliff UK, its’ USA subsidiary Cliff Inc. or Cliff authorised resellers are entitled to sell products in the USA under the Cliff brand name. Counterfeit products must not be marked with the Cliff name nor sold as genuine Cliff products.


Read the full court order portable document format


OEMs who specify Cliff parts to be used in their products should be aware that genuine parts are only sold by Cliff UK, Cliff Inc. or an authorised reseller. Names of authorised resellers can be obtained from Cliff Inc.


A number of components which infringe Cliff UK’s patents such as Stackjacks™ and some terminals are being sold by unauthorised sellers, and used by USA manufacturers. These parts have been marked with the Cliff trademark in the past, but have recently appeared with no markings. Some manufacturers who are known to have purchased these parts, whilst awaiting the outcome of this lawsuit, have been advised that they infringe Cliff UK’s USA patents by using patent infringing clones. These manufacturers should now desist from using parts which infringe our patents.


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(posted 1st July 2014): 4th October 2013: Temporary injunction becomes permanent. £175,000 awarded to Cliff UK. Read the court agreed journal entry portable document format


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