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Counterfeit Jack Sockets

11th June 2010 - download this notification as a PDF Counterfeit Jack Sockets portable document format (73k).


jack socket


It has come to our attention that valued customers are unknowingly buying counterfeit “CLIFF” jack sockets. Genuine Cliff jack sockets are manufactured under strict quality control to exacting specifications. Spotting the difference between genuine Cliff jack sockets and counterfeits can be difficult. Below is a photo of a genuine marked product and a counterfeit.


genuine jack socket   counterfeit jack socket


The genuine Cliff jack socket is made in the UK and is marked “CLIFF UK” unlike the counterfeit which is not made in the UK and is just marked “CLIFF”. The numbers on both mouldings moldings are just cavity numbers used for mould mold identification. Classic, genuine Cliff jacks are manufactured by Cliff in the UK. Stackjacks™ are manufactured by our China plant, Cliff Plastic and Metal Products Ltd. (CPM).


All genuine Cliff products are produced under an ISO 9001 quality controlled system, using high grade materials. These materials are selected so that genuine Cliff jack sockets pass greater than 10,000 plug insertions.


The counterfeit parts are made from poor quality materials which fail after only a few insertions, according to our customers.


Please do not be caught out by counterfeit products. The long term effects of using poor quality, counterfeit products are untold financial losses, product failures and damage to your company reputation.


It has been reported that companies which bought these counterfeits and subsequentially had product failures, have tried to return them to the original supplier for credit without success. No genuine supplier or manufacturer would condone this.


A report on the web saying that UK jack sockets are giving rise to failures is untrue and we believe this to be an attempt to cover up problems with the counterfeit parts.


For genuine Cliff made products please contact us.


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