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Counterfeit Parts Update

from Cliff Electronic Components Ltd. (UK.), 2nd January 2009


Cliff Electronic Components Ltd. (United Kingdom) is a design and manufacturing company and owners of Cliff patents, trademarks and global compliance certifications. We are aggressively pursuing legal means to stop our previous "USA distributor “Cliff Electronic Components Inc.” located in Topeka, Kansas and “Cliff Hong Kong” from using the Cliff name and selling counterfeit Cliff branded parts. Kansas Lawsuit Number 08C 1820.


We would encourage you to take a stand against counterfeiters who disregard intellectual properties laws. This has a detrimental impact on our industry, potentially causing the loss of jobs and funds for research and development. Copyright infringing companies put your products at risk with the possibility of contact or material failures, consumer injuries due to fire or shock and recalls of any finished product failures that are with your consumers. Unfortunately, Cliff Inc. and Cliff UK cannot be liable for any claims made by your customers, where counterfeit parts have been used.


Aside from the unlawful aspects there is an inherent deception and dishonesty characteristic to intellectual property crime. Often goods are sold as genuine and you are conned into thinking you are getting authentic parts. In addition, the offenders are free riding on the creativity and investment of others.


Cliff Inc. is a division of Cliff Electronic Components Ltd. UK. and located in Reno, Nevada. This is the only authorised authorized distributor in North America to offer genuine Cliff products to customers. Look-alike components from any other companies do not meet UL approval and other universal standards. We are ready and able to take care of all your component needs. We encourage you to buy genuine Cliff parts direct from Cliff Inc. or Cliff UK.


Cliff can offer the following benefits:



You can contact Cliff UK or Cliff Inc. if you have any queries.


Yours Sincerely,


Cliff Electronic Components Ltd.




Patent and trademark reference information:

S1 series jack sockets: U.S. patent number 6116959.

TPP series terminal binding post assemblies: U.S. patent number 5719753.

Cliff trademark number 1858355 registered in the United States, 18th October 1994 by Cliff Electronic Components Ltd. United Kingdom.

S1 series jack socketTPP series terminal binding posts