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portable document format Conditions of Purchase - for products purchased from Cliff Approved Suppliers

  1. Purchase Order Variation
    Cliff UK (CUK) will place Purchase Orders with its Approved Suppliers for specific part numbers in specific quantities. For mouldings where the supplier has to make more than the ordered quantity to ensure sufficient good parts, CUK will accept up to +10% of the quantity up to 1000 pieces ordered. For orders greater than 1000 pieces, a variation of +1% extra is acceptable.
  2. Stamped metal parts
    CUK will not accept quantities greater than the Purchase Order without prior written agreement with the Supplier. This agreement is to state the maximum quantity of parts acceptable to CUK and may apply when stamped parts have to be run in quantities to use up a reel of raw material.
  3. Over-run parts
    Over-run quantities of parts which are used in sets will be accepted only in set quantities, i.e. equal quantities of each part. This applies particularly to sets of coloured mouldings.
  4. Quality
    Quality Supplied parts must comply with CUK drawings and be free from visual and dimensional defects. CUK reserves the right to reject any parts failing to conform to the drawing and specification. All parts that fail inspection will be held in a designated quarantine area, the supplier will be notified and the goods will not be booked in until the matter is resolved. Invoices will not be cleared for payment until parts are booked in.
  5. Freight costs
    Where non-conforming materials have been supplied and freight is paid by CUK, then CUK reserves the right to charge back/ debit the Supplier the total cost of freight on all rejected parts.
  6. Concessions
    Suppliers may request a concession for a specific deviation, if any defect is found prior to shipment. Acceptance of concessionary supplies may be subject to the customer’s agreement with CUK.
  7. Payment
    Suppliers must submit invoices for the goods supplied and a monthly statement listing all Purchase Order references, dates, items and quantities. Payment will be made against the invoices and the details shown on the Statement.
  8. Law
    Any dispute arising will be settled using UK law.